‘Westworld’ Fan Theories That Still Don’t Get Hillary Enough Electoral Votes

Westworld’s first season wrapped up leaving fans needing to know more: Where is Westworld? Who else is actually a host? Is there any possible scenario where Hillary could still rack up 270 electoral college votes? Here are the most compelling fan theories about Westworld that still won’t get her enough electoral votes to be president.


The series is a sequel to the 1973 Westworld film.

The sequel to the 1973 Westworld film, Futureworld, has a lot of parallel plotlines to the TV version and fans are speculating that next season will follow in its footsteps. Some people believe that the past park failures alluded to in the series could refer to the goings-on of the park in the film. In this scenario, Hillary could possibly manage to take Pennsylvania and Michigan but would still land a heartbreaking two votes short, leaving us with a fascinating franchise but a wreck of a democracy.


Ford isn’t actually dead (because he’s a host).

We see Ford get shot at the end of the season finale but something just doesn’t seem so final about his death. Ford has been suspected to be a host and therefore potentially still alive or at the very least, refurbishable. With Ford’s robotic body resurrected, Hillary could somehow sweep Florida votes but drop New Mexico, Colorado, and Illinois leaving her at a humble 218. Fuck, that’s worse than it is now.


Arnold is alive and hiding.

We’ve been told many times that Arnold is long gone. We even see him revealed as the host, Bernard. But could Arnold be alive and kickin’ somewhere in the park where he can live among the hosts and his life’s work? Sure, why not! Pretty much as good a chance as Hill bringing home the entirety of the east coast and the west coast which would be exciting but… wait, that still leaves her at 268???


Westworld may not be on Earth.

There are a lot of Earthly references within Westworld and Delos HQ. Even the player piano spits out pop favorites by Amy Winehouse and Radiohead. But there’s no guarantee that Westworld or Delos exist on Earth. If they’ve managed to “slip evolution’s leash” they must have been able to leave the planet by then. Back in 2016 America, the country could divide right down the Mississippi River dealin’ Hill everything west of those lovely tributaries. Does that help? Wait, that only acquires her a measly 190 electoral votes? HOW CAN SHE WIN?


Season Two may take place in Samurai World.

As Maeve and her crew attempt to get out of Delos, they pass a test room casually filled with samurais alluding to the possibility of worlds other than Westworld under Delos’ control. In a world of various futuristic parks, Hillary could do something no other democratic candidate has done before and take every swing state. But it’s not possible that she wins every state, so maybe she takes only the swing states. Fuck, that’s 149 big ones? This is a nightmare.



Dolores is actually Wyatt.

Fans are geeking out that there’s a good chance Wyatt and Dolores are one. Many paused their screens to zoom into Dolores’ programming screen and noticed that she has a Wyatt narrative on deck. Does she become him and abandon herself as Dolores? Well, she did go from wearing a blue dress to wearing a fancy pair of pants midseason, so anything is possible. Speaking of impossible, imagine if Jill Stein came outta nowhere, winning 270 electoral votes, and ended up taking office herself. Would you be with her??? THINK ABOUT IT.


The possibilities are endless. Season two is sure to be filled with answers and a whole lot more questions but one thing’s for sure – Dolores has about as much chance of getting out of Westworld as Hillary did of getting to the presidency.


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