Tricky Bitch! This Woman Left Hairs in His Drain So He’s Forced to See Her Again to Return Them

Many a woman has left a pair of earrings or some underwear at a man’s house in the hopes that he will feel obligated to reach out to her. But crafty lil minx Grace Wilson put a fun and flirty twist on the ol’ leave behind when she left her hairs in her fling’s drain so that he’d have to call her to give them back.


What a tricky bitch!


“It was easy, really,” said Grace. “All I did was shower there and not clean the drain afterwards. Took no effort on my part! And he’ll have to return them, or he’s an asshole!”


Wow, this sneaky temptress pulled out all the stops, and hairs, to claim her man!


“I had a really fun time on our date,” said Grace. “But while we were hooking up, he seemed distant. So I devised my foolproof scheme and left my hairs, pubic and head, in the shower drain so he has no choice but to see me again.”


Despite her clever plan, Grace’s friends are concerned and Grace’s date is downright disgusted.


“I’m worried about her,” said Grace’s friend Caroline Souza. “If she keeps leaving hair in boys’ drains she will be bald within a year’s time. Also, there is absolutely no need to go to this length to see some dude again.


“Honestly, I was having a great time and I though she was really hot, until she texted me asking for her hair back, added Chad Rizzoli, Grace’s date. “I still think she’s hot, but now she’s crossed that line into hot and crazy.”



But Grace is lovestruck and cannot be convinced otherwise.


“I did what I had to do to secure my next date,” Grace said. “I mean, it’s been a few days and he hasn’t texted me about my hairs yet. But he will, I just know it!”


He probably won’t, Grace!


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