Trans Woman in Public Restroom is Scary Good At Makeup

Witnesses were shocked this Monday as a trans woman entered a public women’s bathroom in Grand Central Terminal in New York, terrifying other restroom patrons with how crazy good she was at applying makeup.


“I went in there to pee but I was immediately taken aback,” says Maude Halpern, who was in town to see some Broadway shows with her daughter. “I got scared, like, am I in the right bathroom? Maybe this is like a private bathroom for professional makeup artists or something? Because her makeup was incredible. It was truly scary.”


Other onlookers were also beside themselves at the site of a woman applying makeup with such a deft touch.


“I generally expect the women’s restroom to be a safe space,” says Kim Mercado, 24, “But instead of going about my business in peace, I found myself realizing how fucked up my makeup is. This woman’s brow game was incredible. Like insane.”


The trans woman in question, Tallie Lamont, didn’t realize she was causing such a stir.


“I was on my way to see some friends and was running late, so I just kinda slapped it on,” she explained casually, as everyone around her was horrified by how amazing she looked just by quickly filling in her brows and throwing on a cat eye. “But I noticed people around me were starting to stare when a woman asked, ‘What are you doing?!’”


“She was dabbing highlighter onto her brow bone but also the inner corners of her eyes,” explains Allegra Bedel. “I’d never seen that done before. She made it look so easy. I found myself reaching for my phone to call someone for help.”



Lamont says this is not the first time this has happened to her, but she’s not going to stop what she’s doing.


“Women feel threatened when other women can do their makeup really well, but what can you do? I can’t adjust my whole life trying to find single-occupancy bathrooms to do my makeup in.”


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