Thank God! Lilly Released ‘Teaser’ Engagement Photos

After a painfully long three-month wait following a highly Instagram-documented engagement, Lilly Russell has finally released some “teaser” engagement photos. Thank god!


The photos, which feature her and her fiancé Caleb in a meadow, are a hugely exciting indication of the larger photo set to come.


“When Lilly got engaged, I threw the Instagram a ‘like’ and sent her a congratulations text,” says Natalie Webber, who thinks she might be close enough to Lilly to nab an invite to the wedding. “But on the inside, I was rabidly anxious to see every single bit of wedding content she’d put out.”


Lilly, who friends describe as “having wonderful taste” and “super rich” is certain to have exquisite engagement photos, as well as gorgeous invites, flower arrangements, and a stunning wedding venue.


“Keeping track of the normal timeline of wedding planning, I knew we could expect engagement photos in a month or so,” Natalie explains. “The fact that we got a teaser so early? It’s frankly proof that god exists.”


And that’s not all that Lilly’s friends are excited about. They’ve also been chomping desperately at the bit for reference photos and inspiration boards!


“I went over to Lilly’s recently and she casually mentioned her wedding Pinterest,” friend Gaby Morales says. “I had to go to the bathroom to control the drool coming out of my mouth. Show me that Pinterest, girlfriend!”



However, not all friends are so thrilled.


“She released a teaser? Like she’s some big fucking blockbuster we’ve been waiting for?” friend Amy Paloma says. “I’m busy caring about my own life, thanks.”


When asked to comment, Amy shrugged and giggled.


“I’m planning a wedding!” she says. “So naturally that’s my whole personality now.”


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