Reasons to Stay Alive Even Though You’re Not Getting Fucked

Not being fucked when you want to can be an extremely upsetting experience. When you’re waiting around for someone to have sex with you and no one is doing it, you may even lose the interest you once had in remaining alive – after all, isn’t getting effed the whole point of being here? Rest assured there are plenty of reasons to continue living. Here are a few reasons to stay alive even though you’re not getting regularly fucked good.


Think About Your Family and Friends

Your family and friends who love you are a great reason to remain alive even when you’re wasting away while no one fucks you. Think about how much you mean to your parents and how devastated they would be if your body decided to stop living because nobody was fucking it. Also think about your friends, who would be so hurt if you withered away out of sexual frustration. You simply have too many people who care about you to let not getting constantly fucked be the reason you die. And hey, they’re probably rooting for you to get fucked sometime soon. Don’t let them down.



Appreciate How Big the World Is

Whenever you feel hopeless because nobody is fucking you at all times because that simply isn’t possible, think about how big the world is. There are so many beautiful countries to visit, magical places to see and new cities to start a different life in, where maybe at least one person will get their act together and fuck you right now. Like the old saying goes, “Travel as much as you can, as far as you can and as long as you can until someone crawls inside your hole and fucks you.”


Hey, The Future Always Get Better

Not getting fucked at this very second shouldn’t be a reason to give up, since the future always gets better. So many people become intolerant to the idea of living, simply because they’re not getting fingered into oblivion whenever they want, like right now for instance, or at all times throughout the day every day. But if you just have patience, getting fucked could happen sooner than you think!


What About Your Pets?

More than any other reason, you want to remain alive for your pets. If you die from not getting fucked, your pets will absolutely not understand why that happened, and may also die without you there to feed them. Would you want your dog to wake up one day and find you unable to live due to not being railed at the moment? Probably not. Get your act together and try to come up with new ways to make yourself be fucked instead of just dying in despair.


There you have it – four reasons to continue living even though you’re not getting laid when you want. Life is a vibrant experience worth continuing, no matter who’s not fucking you.


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