QUIZ: But Like, Did You Read The Book?

So you saw that movie and totally loved it. That’s great! But did you read the book? Because the character motivations are way clearer in the book. Honestly don’t even want to talk about this movie if you haven’t read the book. Can’t remember if you did or not? Take this quiz to find out:


Mean Girls is iconic for you because…

  1. The way they say fetch, lol!
  2. Tina Fey’s film adaptation of Queen Bees and Wannabes illustrates Wiseman’s finer points about the ways adolescent girls interact with one another within and outside of cliques and how girls can best resolve these conflicts. If you read the book you would know this.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, is a fun moral play for children because…

  1. Omg imagine eating all that candy!
  2. Actually, the book is called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which shows just how much the focus was shifted in the film adaptation, which you would appreciate if you actually read the book.


The Hunger Games trilogy is an easy intro for teens into the dynamics of power and class inequality because…

  1. The people in the capital dress soo shiny and weird!
  2. In the book, Katniss’s eyes are grey, but in the film they are more bluish. Also, why did they separate the last book into two films? It just dragged on!


There Will be Blood is a grim tale of man’s quest for natural resources as illustrated by…

  1. All that gross oil just bursts from the ground and covers people. Ew!
  2. The source material, Oil! by Upton Sinclair is so different from the movie, I don’t even know where to start.


The Great Gatsby cautions against the empty pursuit of pleasure by…

  1. Does it? Those parties looked fun.
  2. The movie didn’t really get into the two Eggs as much. That’s a big part of it. Not worth explaining though; you just have to read it.



If you got mostly A’s…

Wow, seems like you had fun watching the movie. We’re sure it was entertaining, but you should really read the book, because you would probably get more of what’s happening.


If you got mostly B’s…

Congrats! You read the book! The movie didn’t fully do it justice, right? But how could it really? There was so much going on in the book that you couldn’t really cover in a 90-minute feature film.


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