Poll Finds Men are More Attracted to a Caring Woman, Unless She’s Ugly

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According to a nationwide poll, American men said they are more drawn to women who display caring, nurturing characteristics, providing that the woman is attractive.


Asked whether they would date a hot kindhearted woman, most poll respondents answered positively.


“There’s something sexy about a woman who can be completely selfless,” said Peter Schreiber, 32. “Of all the models I’ve dated, I liked the ones that were attentive to my needs the most.”


In the study, over 80 percent of men ranked “caring” and “compassionate” as the most important factors in choosing a mate. But when men were given photographs along with descriptions of women and asked to choose which women they would date, researchers found 100 percent of men chose women with typically attractive features, despite descriptors like “selfish” and “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”



When researchers asked Peter if he would date a caring woman if she were not “conventionally pretty,” he seemed perplexed. “If she’s below a six or a seven, then probably not.”


Sid Baker, 25, admits that he wants to meet a woman like his mother, “but without the sagging breasts and skin tags.”


“I love when a woman calls to check up on me and see how I’m doing,” said Baker, “unless she’s not that hot, then I’m like, could you stop stalking me?”


A similar study will be conducted on women’s attraction to family-minded, nurturing men over 6’3”.


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