Older Woman Appalled By Younger Generation’s Insistence on Being Respected by Men

In the wake of recent sexual misconduct accusations against well-known public figures, 64-year old Michelle Paxton has become fed up with the younger generation of women’s dogged insistence on men treating them with respect.


“I’ve dealt with this kind of shitty male behavior my whole life as a woman,” Mrs. Paxton said. “It’s appalling to me that these younger women think that they’re somehow deserving of better. Things should stay shitty forever – that’s my perspective.”


Michelle, who has two daughters in their late twenties, thinks that the recent push to acknowledge the issue of sexual harassment is a result of the entitled attitude of the generation below hers.


“My generation did the work to change the rules for men and women,’ she said. “And now the work is done. If you aren’t happy with that, then tough shit.”


Mrs. Paxton went on to explain that younger women are taking all of the joy out of courtship and being overly sensitive in their complaints.


“This new generation wants to be coddled – that is, respected and treated fairly – and it’s shameful.”


Younger women are finding Michelle’s opinions difficult to understand.


“She’s calling us entitled because we want men to take responsibility for participating in a toxic culture,” said 25-year-old Amanda Hotchkiss. “All we want is for rape culture to be taken seriously on every level, not just rape itself. Doesn’t she see how one feeds into the other?”



But Mrs. Paxton is firm in her beliefs.


“It’s disgraceful that young women these days expect to go on a date and not be even just a little bit coerced into sex,” she said. “Those are the rules and I’m sure as hell not going to suggest we change them.”


“And if my generation of women had to deal with it, this one should have to deal with it too,” she added. “I think we’ve already seen quite enough positive change in my lifetime!”


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