Mom Wondering When She Can Visit, Without Your Aunt This Time

During your normal weekly phone call last night, your mom made sure to ask when she can visit, but without your aunt this time.


“Just the two us! Out on the town,” said Mom, to your confusion and dismay.


Though the allotment of time you can comfortably spend with your mother was fulfilled when she visited for five days just last month, Mom is insistent that the time is null due to your cool Aunt Jo’s presence during the trip.


“I just wanna come for a few days, and we don’t have to do any of that busy stuff,” Mom continued. “That’s more your aunt’s thing.”


While Mom is set on dropping Aunt Jo and returning for a second take of her visit, you’re unconvinced by her perspective.


“I don’t know why she’s suddenly scapegoating Aunt Jo,” you said. “Is this because Aunt Jo took me to get my ears pierced when I was 12? I don’t think Mom ever got over that.”



When questioned on her desire for a trip sans Aunt Jo, Mom remained elusive.


“Oh, you know,” she said, “I just think you would be more comfortable if it was only immediate family. You know, just us girls, but not Aunt Jo.”


At the end of the phone call, Mom reminded you that she’ll be coming for a long weekend with Dad in August, but assured you this wouldn’t infringe in your imminent one-on-one trip.


“You know your dad,” she said. “He never wants to have any serious talks.”


“I’ll plan a separate trip without him,” Mom added. “And definitely without Aunt Jo!”