Jacksonville Grandmother Tragically Dies Before Learning the Meaning of “Turnt Up”

turnt up

Beth Anne Solomon, a retired kindergarten teacher, died of natural causes at the age of 89. She tragically passed on before learning the meaning of the term, “turnt up.”
Solomon’s eldest granddaughter, Micaela Ewing, says, “Last Thursday we’d made a date to hammer it out – I was gonna bring a bottle of Grey Goose for emphasis and everything. But then I lost track of time, and when I finally got to the nursing home, she was gone.”
In spite of the unfortunate news, family members are taking comfort in the fact that in the last months of her life, Beth Anne had just started to wrap her head around “YOLO.” And just two weeks before her death, Solomon had joked from her bed that she had such a good time at her grandson’s graduation party because she’d been “poppin’ Molly.”

As for Solomon’s granddaughter, she’s still working through the guilt of missing that last meeting. “All she wanted was to know how.” Micaela says through tears. “How to get “turnt up.” That’s all she wanted. And I let her down.”
In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be sent to the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires, Beth Anne’s favorite posse.


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