Incredible! This Woman Owns 19 Identical Pairs Of Black Tights And One Decent Bra

Trend alert! We’re inspired by fashionista Maya Velasquez’s closet: her super minimalist dresser boasts 19 identical pairs of black tights and just one, single decent bra.


We’re amazed by her ability to maintain such a smart, simple wardrobe!


“I wear tights a few times a week,” said Maya, who also wears a bra every day. “I had to have more than one pair!”


Wow, it’s crazy to us that she wouldn’t just buy, like, one more bra!


While Velasquez technically does own other bras, they all have various flaws, from weird lace to poor fit.


“It’s really, really hard to find a good bra,” she told us this week.


Her roommates are just as confused about Maya’s clothing situation as we are.


“She owns 19 pairs of tights specifically so she can hold off on washing them,” said June Perkins, Maya’s roommate and longtime friend. “But she only wears that one bra that she never washes. Does she think bras are, like, magic or something?”


“You should see her out shopping,” added Nicole Tran, another of Maya’s roommates. “It’s like she specifically goes to lingerie stores, looks at bras, decides none of them fit right, and then goes straight to the bucket of tights on sale.”


But Ms. Velasquez doesn’t think she needs to.



“A good bra is hard to find,” she said. “But tights always fit just right.”


Whatever you say, Maya!


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