Incredible! This Woman Found the Hidden Sea Cave Where People Go to Get Relationships

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Although few people know where to find relationships, one woman recently stumbled upon the secret place where they’ve been kept. During a hike down the San Diego coast, 25-year-old Sian Davis found the hidden sea cave where people go to find lasting relationships.


“Two years ago I reached a point in my life where I finally felt ready for a relationship,” says Davis. “I was like, “Okay, I’m going to actively search for one now,” and after a long search, I finally ended up in this remote cave.”


It was only after giving up that Davis found the sea cave where all relationships remain hidden, perhaps by the act of some cruel god who enjoys watching humans struggle to find meaning in each other.


The sea cave where all relationships have been tucked away is only accessible for two hours a day at low tide, which explains why they’re impossible to find anywhere near anyone who wants one.


“Before I found the sea cave, I had absolutely no idea where any of my friends were getting these elusive, satisfying relationships,” says Davis. “I couldn’t imagine where they’d managed to meet the right person, given how long I’d been searching without any luck.”


Turns out that’s because there’s only one place all relationships are stored: A magical sea den reachable only on super-calm days at low tide by a small motorized boat.


“We knew she’d find her way to the sea cave eventually,” says Mary Cathryn, a close friend of Davis’s. “Of course we weren’t able to tell her about the cave ourselves because that’s against the rules.”



Wow. It’s a truly stunning achievement that Davis ever found her way to this surreal and narrow sea cave. However, once reached, Davis was rewarded with an incredible sight: Thousands of men and women, all single, all with good jobs, lolling about on the shore like seals in the sun.


“It’s so true what they say, “ says Davis. “It’s only when you’re not looking for a partner that you stumble upon the mysterious and secret sea cave where all the dateable people in the world exist exclusively.”


Though she can’t promise others will ever find the cave, Davis can say with certainty that no one will ever find anyone anywhere near them.


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