IMPORTANT: We Missed You at Lunchtime Walking Group

Hey Cindy. I noticed you’re still sitting right where we left you when we set out for our lunchtime walk. And, oh, look at that—those files you mentioned still aren’t completed. Huh, interesting. We’re not angry; just disappointed I guess. It’s not healthy to sit at your desk all day without moving, which is why we started inviting you to the lunchtime walking group three weeks ago. I know, I know—you were blessed with a fast metabolism. That’s great, except…


Do you know what happens to people who resist activity? Their butts start to look like pancakes. Terrifying, I know. Honestly, Cindy—and I’m only saying this because I care—your butt is looking more like a pancake every day. I should know: I’ve spent hours staring at it. I’m worried for you and your butt shape.


I have made so many more work friends since we started this team. Not to brag, but I am sort of a social butterfly when it comes to light physical activity. Gosh, I do LOVE and CARE about people. It’s just so awesome learning unexpected things about them. Did you know that when Evelynn was ten, her babysitter was arrested for selling cocaine out of their house?! Just wild.



It’s like, you think you know them because you work with them eight hours a day, five days a week. But the truth is, how many of those interactions are meaningful?! Being part of this walking team has helped me see our co-workers as individuals. It’s really so beautiful and I’d hate for you to keep missing out on that. Not to mention, you’d avoid that flat butt thing.


Plus, we share all sorts of health tips gleaned from Reader’s Digest and The Today Show. You’re thinking, “Can I afford to lose time on this crucial project to hear mostly-correct factoids about hydration and processed foods?” The question you should be asking is, “Can I afford not to?” Just because we’re being audited doesn’t mean a sedentary lifestyle is any less deadly.


So, Cindy, I’ll only say this once: Put down the files. Drag those peepers away from that mind-destroying screen. Take some time for meaningful human connection in the form of a walk around the block. Do it for yourself, but mostly, do it for me. We need some new blood, or this whole thing is just going to fizzle out!


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