How To Take A Compliment As Well As You Take A Dick

Let’s face it: as a woman, you’ve been socialized to reject a compliment when it comes your way. But think about it: you’ve grown to become great at accepting a dick when it comes your way. So don’t worry! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to take a compliment just as well as you take a huge, throbbing dick.


Start small.

The bigger the dick, the harder it is to take. Same goes for compliments! Have a friend give you a small compliment like, “those earrings are cute,” and stop yourself before dismissing it. You’ll slowly work your way up to a bigger compliment over time. It might feel too big at first, but just like a penis, you’ll get used to it, the more you take it.


Remember that you’re not alone.

Just remind yourself that other women have been through what you’re going through. Find comfort in the fact that so many other women are also better at knowing how to navigate a dick than navigating a compliment. Now that you’re starting from a place of not feeling lonely, the compliment will have the optimum effect of making you feel special for roughly 30 seconds. Just like a dick does!



Come at it from a different position.

Sometimes you need to switch up your position in order to take a dick more efficiently, and same goes for taking a compliment. The next time somebody tries to give you a compliment, switch up your position by standing taller, uncrossing your arms and smiling! Or, just turn your back to them and see how that feels. That always works with dongs.


There you have it. By reimagining the compliment as a dick, you’ll have a much easier time taking it. You did a great job reading this! See?


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