How to Stop Being So Picky and Settle for Someone You Barely Like

If you’re single, you’ve probably heard the same response from your friends over and over again: You’re being too picky! You’ve fallen into the selfish habit of wanting to be around someone you actually love and it’s time for you to stop. Now that you’re finally ready to listen to them, here are a few simple steps to stop being so choosy with your partners and settle for someone you just kind of barely like.


Look Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s time to stop making the same mistake of being too damn selective when choosing the person you may spend most of your life with. Since you haven’t had luck finding a mate in the same circles you always do, try spreading your wings! Maybe you’ll find a partner when you meet people you would never ever want to hang out with unless you got really desperate. Who knows, you could end up finding someone that thinks you’re okay enough, too! You don’t want to die alone, so why not die next to someone who kinda sucks?



Don’t Be Shallow

One of the biggest barriers that stands between people and their happiness is shallow decision-making. Everyone wants to date someone super hot or at least uniquely attractive, but that’s not all it takes to make a relationship work. Instead, try forcing yourself to be attracted to people that do not interest you at all physically or emotionally. Just try to aim for someone who has a physical body, any kind of body really…even if it’s one you don’t remotely like!


Accept People For Who They Are

Every individual has certain strengths and weaknesses and that’s something you just have to accept. Learn to accept the flaws of anyone you consider dating until you are just accepting anything that comes your way. Even if he plays bagpipes late at night, says he’s “fluent in sarcasm” or watches you sleep at night, at least you won’t have to hear people ask when you’re going to “settle down.” You have someone. Right over there. He’s yours and alive and that’s all that matters.


Love Yourself, Who Is Just Kind Of Okay

You can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself, who is also just kind of okay and not really your type. Regardless, try to focus on you. Only you. If you settle for yourself it won’t matter that you don’t have a significant other even if society says you must. And you’ll get all the love you need because you’ll be loving you, in spite of all your flaws. It’s a win-win!


So if you’re wondering what it is that you’re doing wrong, it’s probably wanting to like the person you love. Take your friends’ advice and stop being so picky!


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