How to Repurpose your Cooking Utensils while Dieting

dieting utensils

So you’ve gotten a little too into “foodie” culture and packed on some extra baggage in your tummy and tools in your cupboard. Just because you’re starting to lose that gut, doesn’t mean you need to ditch all the accoutrements of your “eater” lifestyle. Check out the tips below for putting that cookware to use now that you know the dangers of food preparation.


Now that they’re not being used to mix pie fillings and greasy pasta dishes, you can clean ‘em out and turn ‘em upside down. Placed side by side, bowls make great drying racks for your hand-washed bras and other delicates. You may lose a cup size, so don’t forget to hold onto those smaller, ‘aspirational’ sauce bowls for that thinner, less buttery figure!


Now that you’re done stuffing your face with these, you can use them for more delicate lady-tasks – think of Ariel brushing her beautiful hair in The Little Mermaid. Enjoy being part of this world while you take up less space in it. You can also use them to untangle the fringe on a flashy flapper dress — a straight silhouette you can now pull off with your frail new frame!

Butter Dish

Once the home of a gluttonous condiment, you can now use it to store mantras for a thinner you. When you find yourself rummaging through the empty fridge in moments of weakness, pull out one of the motivational scraps of paper in here and remember the goal of a thinner tomorrow.


Cheese Grater

While you’re shedding the pounds, why not shed some dead skin? Exfoliate! You’re getting lighter and brighter in many ways. Cutting out all dairy was just the beginning!

Cast Iron Skillet

Remember when you used to fry chicken? Gross! Push those thighs into your past by strapping your heavy cookware to your ankles while you run a few dozen sets of stairs. One for each “homestyle” meal you’ve cooked this year. Now whose juices are flowing?

Food Processor

Stop grinding up nutmeats and start living! Throw some scrap paper into your food processor to make confetti for your inevitable “I’m skinny” celebration.
There you have it. These tips will transform your kitchen from a fattening farm into a skin-ebrity spa!