How To Not Take It Personally When Prince Harry Marries Not You

Earlier this week, Prince Harry announced his engagement to a beautiful, accomplished woman who is not you. Even though you do not understand how the Prince could choose to marry someone who is not the person that you are, you shouldn’t let this affect you. In spite of all the work you put into this relationship, here’s how to not take it super personally when Prince Harry marries some woman who is stupid, and not you.


Remember He Doesn’t Know You

You’re having trouble not taking it personally that Prince Harry is choosing to marry some girl that is not the girl who you are. But remember, he never technically met you! If he had met you, he probably would have chosen you because you’re totally awesome and unique and princess-ready. He definitely wouldn’t be marrying some other badass American lady who you are pretty sure is not you. Lucky for this girl Harry’s never met you – things would be different if he had!


Think It Through Practically

Even though the news that Prince Harry is marrying some nobody who is not you hurts, think it through: Do you really want to take so many planes? Do you really want to give up your job as a bank teller in Muskegon? Do you really think you wouldn’t lose the custom-designed ring that sourced diamonds from Botswana and Princess Diana’s personal collection? See, you don’t even want this! And he definitely proposed to someone who is not you anyway!


Have Empathy

Try to be the bigger person here. Sure, he chose a rando we don’t know anything about besides the fact that she is not you. Maybe she needs this more than you do. You have friends, an apartment and leftover frozen pizza. She has nothing! Let her have this one thing: being a princess. Rise above it, even though she is not you and you are the best.



Trust In The Universe

This bitch gets to marry Prince Harry and you don’t, but try to trust in the universe. Trust that someday this dummy will cheat and he will find you and marry you instead. Until then, let him play around with someone who is not you. She won the battle, you’ll win the war!


Here are ways to not take it personally that Prince Harry will marry some dumbass who is not you next spring. And if you’re not upset about this engagement, it just hasn’t hit you yet. Ugh, Harry was the hot one!!


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