How to Light Up the Room, Unless You’re Feeling Shitty and Just Want to Go Home and Eat Pasta

Nothing is stopping you from entering a space and projecting positive energy. You’re in control! But sometimes, after a long day, all you want to do is sit on your couch and chow down on a bowl of hot spaghetti. Here’s how to light up any room you enter, unless you’re feeling like absolute shit and just want to go home and eat pasta.


Exude Warmth

In order to light up a room, it is essential you enter it with authentic warmth. People can tell from a mile away if you’re being fake, so stay true to who you are and let your inner light shine through. Next time you’re invited to your friend’s bar night, walk in there with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Your positive energy will rub off on all those around you! Of course, if you’re not feeling it, text your friend “sry can’t make it”, head to the grocery store, pick up some farfalle and pesto, boil that pasta up and munch on those babies until the plate is clean. At least you light up your kitchen!


Be Present

Take note of the energy you’re walking into. Your behavior should change based on your read of the room. Next time your parents ask you to fly home for their anniversary, walk into your childhood home deliberately and calmly. However, if you’re over it, ditch the trip completely, take a cab home from the airport, and stuff your face with a box of fettuccine drenched in alfredo sauce. Fuck relationships, pasta is your family now!


Expect the Unexpected

Different rooms have different vibes, and you have to be prepared for anything when you walk through the door. When your boss calls you in for a private meeting, be ready to match whatever energy she greets you with. Or, if you’re feeling like a turd, just slam the door in her face, sprint home and house an entire box of ravioli, raw! Ouchy but also yummy!



Take an Improv Class

Improv helps you get out of your head and feel more confident. Or, if you feel ugly and gross, don’t go to class and instead sit at home with a pan of lasagna and eat until you die of too much cheese. Yeah, it’s a waste of money, but noodles are what really matter to you! Pasta makes perfect!


Here’s how to light up any room when entering it, unless you are over being social and want to gorge on pasta. And remember, you can only have so many friends, but you can never have too many pasta!


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