How To Get Over a Guy By Gently Crawling Over Him So As To Not Wake Him

Getting over a guy is a challenging process, especially if the sex wasn’t that good and you definitely don’t want to have a conversation with him in the light of day. But sometimes all it takes to get over someone emotionally is to get over him physically, by gently crawling over his sleeping body so as not to wake him as you leave. Here’s how:


Distance Yourself

Do whatever you can to avoid the guy on your mind, and DEFINITELY don’t text him! It can be difficult not to reach out to someone who’s constantly on your mind, or even right there underneath you as you attempt to climb over him, but just remember this is better for you in the long run. And if he’s sleeping in bed right next to you, distance yourself from his body by slowly climbing over him without moving the bed too much, then dashing home before he wakes up. Way to get over him!


Surround Yourself With Support

Reach out to family and friends to help you deal with letting go of someone you really liked. Go see movies with them and invite them over for dinners. However, if you’re trying to literally get over a guy in order to leave his apartment before his alarm goes off, you’ll need physical support, like a throw pillow or a window sill you can lean on! Prop yourself up and hoist yourself over his still-unconscious body. You’ll be over this lump in no time!


Put Yourself First

Stop worrying about what he’s feeling and put yourself first. Do what makes you feel good, whether that’s going on a run, taking a vacation, or putting yourself in the perfect position to pole vault over his sleeping body, grab your bra and sprint to the door. You’re getting over him and becoming the athletic person you always wanted to be!



Think About What Went Wrong

Reflect on the past so you don’t make the same mistake twice. In this situation, the main thing that went wrong is that you fell asleep on the side closest to the wall, and now have to desperately throw your body without making a sound or jostling the bed. Ah, the sweet escape!


Here are helpful ways to physically jump over a guy absolutely silently so you can leave his apartment without him realizing. And if he does wake up, you always can whisper a very awkward “Hiiiiiiiii gotta gooooo”. That always works, too!


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