How to Find Love by Staying in Bed Until Someone Throws a Pebble at Your Window

Finding love can be challenging, especially when you’re a busy working woman. If years of online dating has left you disenchanted, many women have found that their best path to finding love was just waiting until an amazing guy throws a tiny pebble at your bedroom window. Here’s how to find that special kind of love by staying inside indefinitely until someone finally taps upon your window, ready to ask for your hand in marriage – because these things do happen!


Stop Going Out

It can obviously be fun to grab a drink with a few girlfriends, but what’s the best that could possibly happen? Maybe you’ll meet someone special at the bar or one of your friends will offer to set you up on a blind date? That requires you putting in a ton of work. Instead, curl up in bed and wait for a pebble tap against your window from your gym crush who has coincidentally also had a crush on you this whole time! This is something that could happen to you any night!


Get Off Your Phone

The easiest way to miss a connection is by having your face buried in your phone. Next time you’re taking the train or walking to work, look up. You might meet a handsome smart man on your commute! He’ll be too shy to ask you out on the spot but he is definitely going to toss a small stone at your window later that night. Just be patient! Men are so bad at communication! Good thing they’re good at throwing rocks!


Look For Partnership

If you’re looking for love, don’t get distracted by lust. So just head home, put on your pjs, get under your comforter and wait. You know what you want and it’s someone gorgeous and kind who thinks the most romantic thing possible is to grab a handful of pebbles, toss each one at your window, and scream-whisper your name. Don’t worry, he’s on his way and he’s amazing!


Take Time For Yourself

Self-care is important, so lie down in bed and wait for a hot motorcycle boy with a great mind to wake you up with a ‘ta ta ta’ sound on your window. Just wait! Love is happening!



Stay Positive and Stay Awake

Get under the covers! You may be there for some time, so get comfortable. Just remember: You cannot fall asleep under any circumstance. You don’t want to totally pass out and miss your rock knight!! You may even die under there waiting for some dude to perform this romantic gesture. But optimism is key, girl! Get it!


Now you know how to find love by staying under your covers in bed until someone throws a pebble at your window to get your attention because they love you! And if you’ve been under the covers for years and are thinking about giving up, don’t! He’s outside, scouring the ground for pebbles!


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