How to Extend Your Relationship By Suddenly Calling Him ‘Bae’

Being in a relationship that’s going really well is amazing! But, that’s not what’s happening to you right now. So why not do something totally unpredictable, like call your boyfriend ‘bae’ which you have never done for the three years you’ve been together. Here’s how to keep things going for a few more weeks by suddenly calling him ‘bae’!


Remember, This Is Normal

It’s totally normal for things to get a little stale in a relationship. After all, you and your partner pick up on each other’s quirks and habits fairly quickly. Before you know it, it’s possible to fall into a pattern of ordering food on Seamless and going to bed by 9 p.m. Yawn! Instead, just call him ‘Bae’! He’ll be like, ‘What?’ Finally, you’ll have something new to talk about!


Keep Your Hopes Up

The good news is: all is not lost. Even though it may feel like your relationship is doomed, there is one thing left to try: Shouting “Bae!” at him from across the room. He’ll be really confused because you’ve never even called him ‘sweetie’. But also, he can’t walk out on you when you just bothered to come up with a sweet new nickname for him, right?



Change Your Behavior

Even if you already have a nickname for him, toss it out the window and give “bae” a chance. It’s sassy and fresh, and so unlike any of your current pet names for him that he will be temporarily stunned into inaction. He’ll be shocked at your sudden change in behavior that he’ll just sit there wondering why you did that. Voilà, relationship extended. At least for the next hour!


Use these tips to prolong your relationship by simply addressing your guy as ‘bae’. Before you know it, he’ll get used to the new nickname and you’ll start feeling each other again. Probably. I don’t know, if it’s come to this, maybe you should just break up?


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