How to Casually Let Him Know That Your Freezer Is Full of Pizza Bagels

It’s tough out there for a single gal, but sometimes you’ve got an ace up your sleeve, like the fact that you saw pizza bagels on crazy sale at Costco and snatched up a whole crate of ’em and stuffed ‘em in your freezer. Now all you’ve got to do is casually drop the bomb that you’re the goddess of frozen mini pizzas and any man is putty in your hands. Here’s how to nonchalantly let him know you’re his pizza savior.


Walk Past a Pizza Place and “Remember” Your Stash Exists

Walk down any street with a pizza place and your date, and say something like, “Oh, that place has pretty good pizza, which reminds me I’ve got a whole freezer full of pizza bagels, lol. So random.” He’ll be intrigued by the pizza’s proximity to your couch, where he can eat small pizza portions conveniently without moving or venturing outside, in between probable make-out seshes with you on the same couch. Score!


Ask Him If He Wants Ice in His Drink

Oh, did you manage to lure a romantic partner into your lair? It’s game, set, and match from here, lady. Ask him if he wants a drink with ice. Before he can answer, whip that freezer door open and comment on how you know “there’s ice in here somewhere, behind all these dang pizza bagels I’ve got to get rid of.” He’ll be gorging on pizza and you in no time. You are the miniature pizza queen.



Just Shout It

Men love when a girl stops beating around the bush and just gets right to the point. If you meet a cutie at the bar, feel free to open with “I’ve got a six pack of beer and THIRTY BOXES OF PIZZA BAGELS back at my place. You in?” He’ll be bowled over by your honesty and volume and you’ll have totally cut out the games. If he’s not down for your pizza bagels, find a man who is, because honestly, this is a dream come true and you are a dream weaver, baby.


When you’ve got all the pizza bagels in the world, attracting a man isn’t hard. It’s just a matter of getting the word out. Use any of these low-key ways to put forth the news of your tiny pizza kingdom.


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