Hot New Year’s Eve Dresses That Dan Can Still Remove Quickly

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and looking good is first priority. But if you’re going to get lucky on this New Year’s Eve, you better wear a dress that is both hot and reasonably easy for him to take off. Guys might be good at some things, but they aren’t good at dresses, especially after four bottles of champagne, so choosing a hot dress that will come right off will keep him from feeling emasculated on the most important night of the year.


Fortunately, there is a hella cheap 70% flash sale at that’s a one-stop shop with thousands of sexy dresses that are perfect for the New Year’s Eve party, the after party, and eventually throwing on the floor.


floral body

Floral Bodycon Dress 

A classic print with a form-fitting design, this sassy cocktail dress will “wow” everyone at the party, and the slightly elastic material will make it easy for Dan to pull this directly over your head, because God knows his meaty hands don’t know what to do with a normal zipper.


White Lace Embroidered Skater Dress 

This standout number will make sure that Dan can actually find you in a crowd and won’t “accidentally” put his hand on Cheryl’s back like he did last year. The delicate lace pattern is a classic addition to this bodycon dress that can work for any occasion, especially this one, because Dan can just pull it straight down and it will come right off. He really can’t handle much more than that.



Pink and Black Cage Dress With Mini Detail

This adorable dress can work for almost any occasion, including the occasion when you’ve stumbled into the bedroom at 3 AM and Dan struggles to undo the straps on your heels and pretty much gives up by the time he reaches your nylon leggings. Restore his confidence with this caged back number, so that he can still have something to look at while he struggles with your accessories.


Just as there isn’t much time before Dan passes out after midnight, there isn’t much time left to get a dress for New Year’s Eve. Enter to win free clothes and help a cause with Ustrendy using the following steps:


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