Here’s How I’m Going to Bail on the Plans We Just Made Right After Making Them

Hey, so I know I said I’d go to that film festival tonight? I feel SO bad, but even though I literally just told you I’d go like one minute ago, I was Seamless-ing Pad Thai and a Thai iced tea and it sort of slipped my mind for a sec that this place always takes over 1.5 hours to deliver. And it’s not even that good. But so sorry! Next time!!!!


By “Just gotta shower, ready in 30,” I really meant…


I’m already showered, I’ve been showered for hours, still chillin’ in my towel but every piece of wearable in public clothing I own is in the laundry, so even if I had a sliver of desire to do what I just committed to, I couldn’t do it unless I wore an ugly long-sleeve bridesmaid dress. In this weather? Come on girl, you know me. So me being me, there is no way in hell I would have actually kept those plans anyway, so it doesn’t matter. We should totally do it next week when things aren’t so crazy!


By “We should totally do it next week when things aren’t so crazy!” I really meant…


Things will be even crazier next weekend!


Oh and you know how I just agreed to that weekend road trip?


I never go on weekend road trips. I’ve never even BEEN on a weekend road trip. So when I suggested we share the cost of that hotel room and maybe stop at South of the Border and take ironic pictures, I was actually kind of joking, knowing full well that I do not go out of my way for anyone, even if it might be fun. I’m super busy Facebooking. Sorry, girl! :/ Maybe in a couple weeks when work gets less busy, though!


Remember the last sentence I wrote?


Well, what I meant was you really should stop being my friend because I did not mean that at all. That sentence should’ve said, “Not ever, I hate keeping plans so much that I can’t even hypothetically make plans without actually bailing.” So sorry tho, don’t be mad!


Yeah, drinks Tuesday for your birthday sound great! Crunk times!



LOL…Law and Order reruns – can’t get out of them. DEF next time tho! Sorry ur 30! LOL


C U soon…


No. I won’t.






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