Help! My Best Friend Is Having A Baby With A Guy She Only Met 10 Years Ago!

I’ve never been a judgmental person. However, when my best friend told me that she’d decided to have a baby with a guy she literally just met, dated for four years, married, then bought a house with, I wanted to crawl into a coffin, descend deep down into the earth, and die on her behalf.


Aside from drinking antifreeze, I honestly can’t think of a more reckless thing a 32-year-old could do.


I mean, how well does she really know this so-called “husband of six years” anyway? What if he turns out to be a total weirdo? Or some kind of prenatal class troll who goes around marrying and impregnating women just so he creep around at prenatal classes? I did not get any of these vibes from him when I was the maid of honor at their wedding six years ago, but honestly, you never know!


I know these are difficult questions but someone needs to be asking them.


The rando husband aside, there couldn’t be a worse time for my bestie to have a baby. She only just celebrated her 18th birthday 14 years ago. She’s still so young and it pains me to think of all the opportunities she’s going to miss out o, like Friday night drinks, and Wednesday night drinks, and that All-You-Can-Eat Speculoos Festival I’ve always wanted to go to. Why is she trying to move so fast?


Is she really willing to sacrifice all these formative life experiences just so she can get knocked up by a guy she’s known for literally only 3,748 days? She might as well strap a medicine ball to her stomach and walk into the Hudson. It’s like she’s throwing her life away on this guy she pledged to spend the rest of her life with. Ugh!


I just feel like things are moving incredibly fast and we all need to take a step back and consider what everyone’s motivations in this really are. It’s like, why does my friend want to have a baby with her life partner? And why does he want to have a baby with her? And like, what am I supposed to do and what’s my role in all of this? It just doesn’t make any sense. By the way, this has nothing at all to do with me.



The saddest thing in all of this is that poor little shotgun baby. What kind of life is it going to have being raised by a lame-ass mom who never wants to go out and have fun because she has a stupid, boring baby to look after?


I’m not saying this to be a bitch. It is honestly with my BFF’s best interests at heart when I say, “What the fuck are you doing with your life you fucking idiot?” I just know that if I don’t speak out now about my friend’s life-torpedoing decision to everyone but my friend, I’ll always regret it.


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