‘Get Over It,’ Says Man Willing To Overthrow Government If Hillary Had Won

Earlier today, 43-year-old Eric Fuhrman told Hillary supporters to “get over it already” despite having previously called for a massive overthrow of government if she won.


“If Hillary wins, I will absolutely NOT respect the result,” Fuhrman wrote on Facebook mere days before Trump became president-elect. “My fellow Americans and I will not hesitate to start another Revolutionary War and take down the liberal-rigged system that caused Trump’s loss!”


Yet after his candidate won the presidency, Fuhrman insisted Hillary supporters respect the outcome.


“He completely threw aside his approach,” says Rhonda Smith, a close friend of Fuhrman’s. “He went from calling for a literal coup against the government if Trump lost, to telling anti-Trump protesters they need to ‘respect democracy and deal with it.’”


“Hillary supporters need to grow a pair,” Fuhrman says. “They’re beyond pathetic for not accepting the results of this election. Trump won fair and square and anyone who contests that can leave the country!”



Smith confirms these words were said by Fuhrman, the same man who once claimed he would buy a musket and march on the capitol to remove Hillary from the Oval Office himself if she won because of the “rigged” system.


“Make no mistake, I will put on my old Paul Revere Halloween costume and grab the used musket I bought off eBay and try to take you out myself!” Fuhrman once screamed at Hillary while watching a live presidential debate.


Now he says that those who believe the system is rigged are just “sore loser crybabies.”


“He was completely committed to all this talk about bloodshed and revolution,” says Smith. “Then after Trump won, he self-published this article called ‘Whiny Liberal Babies Who Can’t Handle Losing Should Go Back To Their Safe Spaces: Trump Won, Suck It!’ He changed his opinion about how people should handle the election results so quickly, I couldn’t believe it.”


Fuhrman says his absolute reversal in attitude is justified.


“The candidate I love should be treated with dignity by everyone, no questions asked,” he explains. “But the candidate I hate deserves a violent military coup.”


Yet others have trouble seeing it his way.


“I find it weird that the same guy who tweeted ‘We must refresh the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots! I love war!!!’ at 1am last month can’t accept the fact that people are now practicing their civil right to peacefully protest,” Smith says. “It seems wrong.”


At the conclusion of the interview, Fuhrman was overheard telling people to “stop thinking about slavery since it happened a long time ago” while hanging a Confederate flag on his wall to memorialize the Civil War.


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