Breaking: Woman Forgot To Bring Phone to Bathroom

In a rapidly developing story, it appears that 26-year-old Katrina Quarave left her desk, walked to the restroom, sat on a toilet and began to pee before everyone realized she forgot to bring her phone with her to the bathroom.


Sources confirm the office is abuzz with rumors about what she is going to do with her hands while she pees without any access to technology, with nothing but her own thoughts.


“She left her desk quickly, and she had left the room by the time I noticed her phone was on her desk,” says coworker Roxie Prant. “I should have chased after her. I know I should have. Now she’s just in there, alone.”


“I wonder what she’s thinking about in there,” says receptionist Karla Vorenhaus. “I mean, if you’re not on Instagram while you’re peeing, are you even really peeing?”


Despite the fact that Quarave has been in the bathroom for less than two minutes, people are wondering what the responsible thing to do is.


“We should be taking action,” says Marissa Dan, before rushing to the bathroom and shouting, “Katrina? Are you okay in there?”


A weak-voiced Quarave was heard replying, “What? Uh, yeah. Be out in a sec!”


Still, the office has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that no one heads to the bathroom without their phones in the future, as being offline for more than two minutes is absolutely out of the question.


“We’re handling this the best way we know how. We’ve put up signs around the bathroom that read, ‘Do you have your phone?’ so no one ever has to be in the position of urinating without their devices present,” states CEO Beatrice Xavier.



Updated reports confirm that when Quarave finally emerged from the bathroom, her coworkers flooded around her to her to wrap her in a blanket, give her water and embrace her.


“What’s going on?” she asked.


When informed that she forgot her phone, Quarave replied, “Oh yeah, I was looking forward to disconnecting, even if it was only for five minutes.”


“She lost her mind in there,” says Marissa. “Let this be a cautionary tale to us all.”


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