Aww! These Lesbians’ Bridal Party Is Comprised Entirely Of Exes

It seems like every day, we find a new couple that’s thrown tradition to the wind and made their wedding ceremony uniquely and adorably theirs. But Courtney and Amanda are seriously upping the cuteness game: Their ENTIRE bridal party is made up of other women they’ve previously dated!


Queer women’s complete inability to not stay friends with every single woman they’ve dated has given way to the most heart-eyes-Emoji wedding trend of 2018! We’re obsessed!!


While Courtney walks down the aisle to the love of her life, Amanda, she’ll also be walking toward five people to whom she once said “I love you”, two women she proposed to (one said yes), and three girls she fucked on and off for a year or so.


“It’s actually not weird at all!” says bride-to-be Amanda. “Court and I have actually both dated a couple of our bridesmaids—that’s how we met! We really wanted to honor the women we’ve become by including our ex-lovers in such a special ceremony.”


And these bridesmaids aren’t just Amanda and Courtney’s ex-girlfriends, either. Every bridesmaid has dated someone else in the wedding party!


This concept of staying friends with exes might seem totally psychotic to straight women. But actually, maintaining a good relationship with your ex is completely healthy. But why stop at cordial niceties? Why not invite them to your intimate birthday dinners, have weekly, hour-long phone catch-ups, and confess your greatest fears, hopes and dreams with them in a totally platonic way?



The all-ex bridal party isn’t the only cute wedding trend Courtney and Amanda are starting. They’re turning all kinds of traditions on their head.


“I didn’t ask for Courtney’s dad’s permission to marry her—that’s some archaic and patriarchal bullshit,” says Amanda. “Instead, I had one-on-one brunches with each and every one of Courtney’s eight ex-girlfriends of varying degrees of seriousness, just to make sure they supported our upcoming union.”




If you’re planning a wedding, maybe take a page out of Amanda and Courntey’s book: Make your wedding truly yours by collecting the hearts of everyone you’ve so much as had a crush on, then broadcast that hoard of romance to your family and loved ones. Trust us, there’s absolutely no way you’ll regret this choice!


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