Aw! This Couple Decided to Wait Till They Really Get to Know Each Other Before Acting Like Themselves

Wilma Ellis and Frankie Jarcutti are new to seeing other. They’ve gone on six actual dates, but have decided to wait until they really get to know each other before acting like themselves.


We’re amazed at your ability to hide your true selves because you’re terrified of rejection!


“Frankie invited to me to a coffee shop for our first date,” said Wilma, excitedly. “I hate coffee, but I got a latte because I didn’t want him to think I can’t go with the flow.”


Both Wilma and Frankie are fully committed to being the best version of themselves until they feel comfortable being the actual version of themselves.


“Wilma and I went to the zoo yesterday and we walked around for an hour talking,” says Frankie. “I usually hate being anywhere but my couch, but I’m not gonna tell her that until she starts to really like this more exciting iteration of me.”


Although these two are perfectly content to constantly hide who they really are around each other, friends of the couple don’t see the point. Sheri Jollit, a friend of Wilma’s, was taken aback when she hung out around the couple for the first time.


“When Frankie said he thinks weed is a gateway drug, Wilma nodded wholeheartedly,” says Sheri. “Wilma bought me a $75 bong for my birthday. She smokes it literally every night. I don’t understand why she’s pretending to be someone she’s not.”


“Frankie’s a dick,” adds Everett, Frankie’s brother. “I saw a text he sent to Wilma about how much he loves our mom. He forgets Mother’s Day every year! My mom always ends up calling him in tears. He’s straight up lying about who he is.”



But these two lovebirds seem to know exactly what they’re doing. And they have some words of wisdom to share for other couples out there trying to fake it til they make it.


“Find someone who you can be yourself around,” says the young couple. “And by yourself, we mean a carefully curated version of you, without all the parts your old partners hated.”


We’re tearing up! Save it for your vows!


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