Alison Decides To ‘Start Wearing More Hats’


In what may be the least important turn of events this year, 28-year-old Alison Jarvis has decided to “start wearing more hats.”


“Usually I browse through antique jewelry, but this vintage store had an incredible selection of hats and after trying a few on it just hit me,” says Jarvis. “Why not incorporate hats into my wardrobe?”


Inspired by old movies and photos of her great-great aunt, Jarvis swears this hat fascination is not just a “phase” like that time she “went nuts with all the ponchos,” but will be an enduring signature statement of hers for years to come.


Despite not yet owning any hats, Alison feels that the perfect accent hat can help one convey an attractive amount of both whimsy and professionalism. But the pressure involved with finding multiple perfect hats for every occasion has started weighing heavy on the bright young grad student, who hasn’t worked on her dissertation in days.



According to friends and family Alison has been spending large amounts of time online seeking the perfect hats to fit her face shape and personality. “Did you know Etsy is littered with stores devoted the art of millinery? Now I’m wondering if I want to be a milliner too.”


While Alison has not yet bought any hats, she is seriously considering a beret like one she saw in an Audrey Hepburn photo. “I have a friend’s wedding coming up and it seems like that could maybe be a fun way to make my hat-wearing debut.”


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