After Blisters Heal, Woman Ready to Give Sandals ‘Another Shot’

After breaking in her new BCBG ‘Novak’ Sandals from TJ Maxx two weeks ago, Cheryl Haas is willing to give the shoes “another try,” only days after they began to tear venomously into her feet after walking only three blocks.


“My blisters were huge, but it couldn’t possibly be that bad the second time around,” mulled Haas.


Despite the initial letdown, Haas refuses to give up on wearing the sandals, which cost her over $40. “I have some new calluses. Plus they’re a little more broken in from that first wear. I’m wearing them to Olivia’s birthday this weekend so I hope they don’t make my heels bleed.”



Haas says letting the shoes go to waste is simply “not an option,” adding, “What am I supposed to do? I can’t return them. This was my splurge, goddammit. I’m just gonna wait it out.”


“I don’t get it,” says boyfriend, Jeff Pancurak. “She looks like a newborn deer trying to walk.”


“I’m going to make these work,” she says, patting her boyfriend’s knee. “I think it was just a first-time thing. My feet have hardened, the shoes have softened, and I’m ready to try again.”


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