8 Things Your Man Wishes You’d Do More Often, Besides Praise His Monster Peen

Whether it’s in the streets or in the sheets, do you ever wonder what your man wishes you’d do more of, other than worship their tremendous dick? We polled several men to find out the things they wish their sig-O’s would do more often, aside from telling them how amazingly huge their dicks are. Here are our findings of things he’d love to see you do more of (aside from the whole monster peen thing).


Tell him how awesome he is.

Men like to feel appreciated. Not just for their big dongs (which they definitely do want to hear about) but also for their personalities and senses of humor and ability to put the seat down and stuff. So tell him all the reasons you love him, aside from that wonderful penis of his.


Give him some alone time.

Guys need time to themselves, so go out with the girls and let him have the place to himself for the night. He’ll love having some space for him, and will definitely welcome you and your cock-praising ways back into his loving arms at the end of the night.


Initiate sex.

Having sex isn’t just physically pleasurable for men, it also helps them feel connected to you. So show him you want and need him, not just for his big dick, but for the whole sexual package. Don’t wait around for him to whip it out for you to praise it, take charge and pull it out yourself.



Be direct about your needs.

It can be hard for your guy to know what you want – emotionally, in the bedroom, in any area. So he’ll love when you’re direct and setup clear expectations of what you want him to do. This saves him from your disappointment later, which feels almost as good as when you tell him what a beautiful massive cock he has.


Give him in a massage.

Everyone craves touch, but many men are afraid to ask you to perform acts you might find menial. So rub his back, shoulders, even his head (no not his dick head, lol). He’ll feel loved in a way that’s a nice twist from the way you verbally love on his dong.


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