6 Easy Exercise Changes That Won’t Make a Difference

Feeling stagnant in your workout routine? Have you plateaued on your gains in strength or weight loss? Are you looking for something new to excite you about exercise again? Working out can be laborious, so here are six easy exercise changes that won’t make any difference at all:


1. Get a new pair of shoes.
This extremely easy change to your fitness routine isn’t even skin deep, as shoes go on the outside of your feet. With your new pair of kicks you’ll not only be looking better, but make you believe you’re making tangible gains as well. Investing in some quality shoes is just the change make you believe things will really be different from now on.


2. Switch from Powerade to Gatorade.
Gatorade is by far the most popular sports drink out there, but recent studies have concluded switching to Powerade is both easy and almost exactly the same as its competition.  So the next time you’re at the vending machine after a workout, get a Powerade instead.  It will leave you thinking, “Wow, how similar!”


3. Swap your concentration days.
Instead of working your legs on Monday and your arms on Tuesday, make a swap! Trading your areas of concentration is what’s known as “Muscle Confusion,” which causes your muscles to ask “Was this change necessary?” After making the switch, it will leave you with a resounding, “Maybe!”


4. Turn off the TV while you work out.
Every modern gym is stacked with Samsungs, Toshibas, and Sonys.  While this can provide you with plenty of entertainment, you may perform slightly better, simply by turning off Wolf Blitzer. Try this easy exercise change over the course of a week and you’ll be blown away by the minimal if not entirely negligible effects it has on your physique.



5. Swap yoga pants with shorts.
Shorts have always been the staple of athletic apparel, and that’s exactly why you should stop wearing them. The positive effects of wearing yoga pants during a workout include more coverage, more insulation around your legs, and no need to shave your legs beforehand. Before long you’ll be asking yourself, “How can this work if it’s so simple?” The answer: It doesn’t!


6. Change Gyms
If you think keeping the status quo in your workout environment is going to give you results, then you’re wrong. Switching gyms is a great alternative to working harder, longer, or getting a personal trainer to motivate you. Remember this popular fitness saying: Same workout = Same Body. New gym = maybe a slightly different body. Take it from us!


Enjoy the newfound ease you have in trying something new that will have little to no effect on your overall health. After all, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it – and they are!


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