5 Teeny, Tiny, Imperceptible Things To Do For Yourself Every Day

Sometimes in life we’re so busy taking care of everyone else that we forget about someone very important: ourselves! Showing yourself some love doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be imperceptible; otherwise people might think you’re focusing on yourself too much, and you don’t want to come off as selfish. Here are some things to do for yourself that are so miniscule, you’ll barely notice how well you’re caring for yourself!



Give yourself a treat and take a big ol’ breath. Sure, some would say that this is something you do to stay alive, but think about it: you owe it to yourself to stay alive, cutie! Try breathing throughout your day (yes, the whole day!) and notice how revitalized, connected, and full of vital oxygen you feel. Talk about a treat!


Listen to music.

This is a simple thing you may already be doing, but those sort of natural behaviors are ideal because self-care is all about subtlety. Listening to music is great because it doesn’t take any extra time out of your day you could be devoting to other people. So indulge! Do it in your car, at work, while you’re working out, or even when you’re at a concert—but don’t forget to use headphones!


Brush your hair.

Did you think this was just part of your everyday routine? Think again, you self-care queen. Brushing your hair is one of those things you will barely detect as something you’re doing for your internal wellbeing, but don’t be fooled—this has nothing to do with your hair, and is definitely about nurturing your soul. Find the tiny pleasures in the pain of that snag you’re ratcheting out with your brush. You’re an imperceptible goddess!



Drink water.

This self-care must is especially awesome because if you’re not paying attention you’ll completely miss it…and that means it’s really working. Grab a glass and have some of that life-giving elixir, sweet pea! Or to really treat yourself, drink it out of a fancy glass bottle. This is self-care on steroids!



According to science, smiling is a natural behavior that every human being does. But that doesn’t mean you need to force it by finding something to make your smile! Just live your life as you normally do and inevitably something will give a little smile, hopefully. That little smile is scientifically proven to boost your mood a little. Just don’t get too selfish with it!


When you need a little extra something, use these stellar tips to care for yourself without anyone—including yourself—noticing. Enjoy!


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