5 Subtle Ways Your Body Language Could be Revealing You Just Scarfed a Giant Burrito in Your Car

After you scarf down a giant burrito, your body has a tendency to hold itself in a way that says, “I just fiercely devoured an oversized meat-filled tortilla.” It’s understandable that you might not want to give off any nonverbal signals that you went to town on that burrito while sitting outside in your Honda Civic. However, there are subtle ways your body could be undermining you. Here are some of the ways your body language could be giving you away:


You Lean Away from Others When You Talk

Evolutionarily speaking, our bodies were designed to stay away from other people while we are most vulnerable, like after we cram a giant burrito in our cars. If notice yourself leaning away from others, it could be a subconscious attempt to prevent them from knowing what you did. Seriously, you were like a savage in there!


Your Posture is Hunched

Your body thinks you’re still sitting in that car, trying to use a five-minute window to cram down a burrito the size of your arm. If you want to hide the fact that you just ate like you’d never eat again, stand with your shoulders back. It will communicate confidence; tricking everyone into thinking you have the time to eat at home using plates!


Your Arms are Folded Over Your Belly

Your arms will have a tendency to fold over your belly, almost as if you’re protecting a baby – a burrito baby. Your body wants to keep your food safe until it’s finished digesting. For real, that had both steak and barbacoa.


You Show Your Front Teeth

A friendly smile that bears your front teeth communicates that you feel confident and self-assured. But showing your front teeth tells people that you’ve just tasted blood in the form of a car burrito and you might be dangerous.



You Have Hot Sauce on Your Shirt

Seriously, it’s all over the place. That’s what you get for eating in your car.


Remember, how you hold yourself shows the world who you are – someone who just loves eating burritos in the front seat of your mid-sized sedan!


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