4 Ways to Repurpose the Superfluous Pairs of Pajama Pants Your Parents Will Gift You This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year! The holidays are on their way, and we all know what that means: Your parents are getting ready to gift you a bunch of clothing that you don’t want or need. But don’t worry, here are four ways to repurpose the many, many pairs of pajama pants that you’ll receive this holiday season!


Make your dog a cool flannel shirt.

Just because you have no use for a twentieth set of holiday-specific pjs doesn’t mean that your pet doesn’t! Try tearing off a pant leg and then cutting four appropriately sized leg holes for your pup. Add some buttons or a pocket, if you’re feeling especially crafty. Voila! Just look at how adorable your little lumber-Jack Russell Terrier is now! Your dog has a sweet, handmade new holiday outfit and you found an alternate use for the pajama pants that your parents insist on buying you every year without fail.


Use them as kindling.

Is there any better way to soak in the holiday season than by roasting chestnuts over an open fire that is being fueled by the pajama pants that you got for whatever holiday you celebrate this year? No. Concerned about whether the pjs will burn or not? Don’t fret! Their flame retardancy has been way oversold by Big Pajama over the years, so you’ll be sure to have a roaring fire and fewer pairs of extraneous pajama pants your parents thought it would be a good idea to gift you in no time.


Reusable maxi pads.

Feeling ecofeminist? Pajama pant material is some of the best when it comes soaking up but doing nothing to conceal menstrual blood! Try turning a few pairs of the softest pj pants you got this year into reusable maxi pads. Cut the pants up into small squares. Fold a few to make an absorbent core, sew them together, and cover them with the pajama fabric of your choice. Maybe after you tell your parents about the eco-friendly feminine hygiene products you’ve crafted from their gifted pajama pants, they’ll get the hint to them that you truly don’t need them to buy you any more.



Regift them back to your parents next year.

If worst comes to worst, just regift the pajama pants back to your parents next holiday season. It’ll take a few years of existing in a holiday feedback loop of giving and receiving only pajama pants, but eventually, your parents will crack the code and start gifting you a ton of socks or underwear or Bath and Body Works gift sets that you’ll probably actually get some use out of. They probably need those pajama pants more than you do, anyway!


Getting a present you don’t want for the holidays can be a bummer. But, with these handy tips, you can find a practical use for the hundreds of pairs of pj pants your parents will almost definitely be gifting you this holiday season!


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