4 Sex Positions That Work Better When You Add a Pillow and Say ‘Not Tonight, Hon’

If you’re looking for some new angles to try with your man, grab that trusty pillow. It doesn’t seem like much, but shoving a pillow under your butt can change the way everything feels right before you curl into a ball and say, “Not tonight, hon.” Here are a few angles that will get you feeling RIGHT – to sleep babe, cause you’re exhausted!!


The Deep Diver

In order to deepen that penetration, grab some pillows (the bigger the better), lie on your back and place them under your butt. Have your dude enter you from a kneeling position and wrap your ankles around his neck. This will feel so good you’ll be shocked. But remember, it won’t feel as good as grabbing that stack of pillows, putting them back under your head and saying, “Sorry, babe, it’s not gonna happen tonight,” before falling asleep for the eight hours you deserve!


The Wheelbarrow

This one is for the flexible gals out there! Pull a pile of pillows at the end of your bed. Pull your knees on the pillow facing the head of the bed, and use your hands to stabilize yourself. Your man will enter you standing behind you and trust us, this is not your mother’s doggie style. But then again, maybe you should take a page out of your mom’s playbook by pushing your guy away while saying, “Not right now, sweetie” and then falling asleep for the next ten hours.


Reverse Chill Girl

If you want to spice up an already spicy position, get in place to do the Reverse Cowgirl and instead of proceeding like normal, put some pillows behind your dude’s back. This will make things feel deeper than you thought possible. Or you could just fall asleep deeper than you thought possible by falling into bed like a ton of bricks, saying, “Night, babe,” then snoring all night. Hot!



The Lounge Chair

Have your dude lie on his side on top of pillows, then drape your legs over his pelvis at a 90 degree angle. As he enters you perpendicularly, you’ll feel like you’re in a big dick dream. Which you could be, if you just ignore your man, get in bed at eight and fall asleep before he gets home. Not tonight, hon, and maybe never again!


Use these four sex positions when you’re looking to add a pillow into the mix, then say, “Yeah, no way, it’s time for bed!” Goodnight!


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