3 Things You Learn From Being Raised By A Strong, Confident Wolf

Many women have their mothers to thank for teaching them how to be empowered, confident women. But the idea that these values can only be instilled by a human mother does a disservice to those of use who were left in the forest as a baby and instead raised by a strong, confident wolf who taught us everything we needed to know. If that’s the case for you, the below will ring true. Here are three things you inevitably learn when you are raised by a very good wolf.


Speak Up

Your confident wolf mother taught you to use your voice. She led by example, howling at your brothers for being messy, at her friends to say hello, and at the moon, because she is a good wolf. Howling was especially useful for you, since you didn’t hear spoken language until you were 13 years old and rescued from the tundra by a group of concerned men. She instilled in you the importance of speaking up for yourself when you feel overlooked or hungry for a raw slab of elk. Thank your fearless wolf mother for this lesson!


Have A Few Good Friends

It’s easy to be seduced by the lure of a large pack, but your wolf mom taught you that all you need is a few good friends. You grew up in a pack of five, while Gabrielle, your nemesis wolf, grew up in a pack of 30. Yes, her territory covers 1,000 square miles, she has huge parties, and two hot boy-wolves who treat her really well. Comparing yourself to her is tempting, but your wolf taught you to stay in your own lane. And if that doesn’t work, attack Gabrielle until she’s a bloody pulp and eat her guts for dinner. Yes, girl, you are living that wolf life even though you have deliberately been told to leave that all behind!



Stick Up For Others

Your wolf stuck up for you every single day. Remember when you were a human baby and that mountain lion attacked your den? She scratched his face until he had no face in order to defend you, because you were unable to defend yourself. She also did that because she is a vicious wild predator whose teeth and claws are designed to destroy. Now, you extend that same courtesy to those you love in your daily life. No matter the cost or the face lost—sorry again, Kristyn from work! Being human is weird and hard!


Thank the strong, confident wolf in your life for raising you to be empowered just like her. Also be sure to thank her for teaching you that a fight to the death is okay if you’re doing it to become a stronger, more confident woman.


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