2018 Oscar-Nominated Movies That Are Good, But Not as Good as ‘Center Stage’

2017 was a great year for edgy, boundary-pushing films. So it’s no surprise that there are some pretty incredible films up for Oscars this year. But actually none of those films are as edgy and boundary pushing as the 2000 film Center Stage. Here are four Oscar-nominated films that are very good, but just not as good as Center Stage.


The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water is the most nominated film this Oscar season, and for good reason! Its fantastical setting and rich, grounded characters have made it a critic darling as well as an audience favorite. If it is lacking one thing, it would have to be any plotline about a choreographer (played by Peter Gallagher) who’s fighting with his star dancer because he also wants to choreograph. I mean, wow, now that’s drama!! And while there may not be an interspecies relationship in Center Stage, there is an amazing scene where the tension between the characters plays out on the stage through dance? It’s a shame it couldn’t have been nominated this year.


Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name was a lovely, sleepy drama about a love affair between two men in Italy. It’s filmed gorgeously and the acting is phenomenal but oh my god have you seen Center Stage?! First of all, there are gay characters in Center Stage too! I mean, sort of! There’s one. Even though, yes, it takes place within a professional ballet company. But whatever! The point is, Call Me By Your Name is definitely good, but Center Stage is a downright classic.


Lady Bird

Lady Bird was a bold exploration into girlhood, coming of age, and the delicacy of mother/daughter relationships. You know what else is about all of those things and more??? That’s right, Center Stage! The main character has a super tense relationship with her mom, who is played by Debra Monk. Yes, the Debra Monk!!



Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

This movie…was bad. Center Stage could be bad and it would still be better than this dumb movie. Luckily, Center Stage is good as hell! So even though the bar is set really low, Center Stage still surpasses it with flying colors. Sure, Sam Rockwell and Frances McDormand give stellar performances in Three Billboards but neither compares to Zoe Saldanas subtle portrayal of Evanna “Eva” Rodriquez. I bet you forgot she was in that movie, but she was! Crazy, right?


With so many amazing films, the 2018 Oscars are sure to be a real nail-biter! But if award season’s got you stressed, just sleep easy knowing that no film will ever be as perfect as the ballet movie Center Stage. It’s just not possible!